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Things to keep in mind if you are shifting home or office during the monsoon season

Shifting of your home or office can be a challenge at the best of times. During the monsoon season, however, we need to be extra careful about it, and take thoughtful measures to ensure a smooth and hiccup-free operation. So if you are thinking of moving during the incoming monsoons, here are some pointers you will do good to keep in mind.

Keep those plastic garbage-bags handy.

When it’s dripping all over, plastic garbage bags can be a heaven-sent. Versatile, waterproof and light, they can be used to store and move a variety of items. If you are short of space, it’s easy to punch a hole in them and hang them up on the wall.

Don’t spread it around.

Gather all your boxes and cartons around in a single room. This way, it won’t just be easy to manage them, but you will be able to cut down on the walking around, thereby preventing the floors and premises from getting all wet, slippery and inconvenient. When it’s time, transfer the goods from this room to the vehicle you are using to relocated – some call it a ‘single roof transfer’.

Prevent slipping.

With floors and grounds likely to be all wet and mushy, chances of slipping, falling and injuries rise during the monsoons – especially if you have heavy boxes and items to carry or move around. Get creative and build makeshift or temporary floor-mats that can help your feet get a grip as you move. You can use anything from paper cartons to old rags to sheets.

Keep them wrapped.

The rains warrant extra protection for your valuables and belongings. Make sure you provide an extra wrapping over and above the boxes, cartons or packaging material that you are using. Take particular care of wooden items and furniture, important paper documents and sensitive electronic and digital gadgets. Use heavy duty tape to first seal up the boxes and cartons, and then wrap them all around with a final coating or covering.

Dry as you unpack.

After you have arrived at your destination, you will start to offload the vehicle or car. As you bring each item down, make sure to run a dry duster or piece of cloth over them. Removing the excess drops and moisture will prevent ‘watering up’ the new premises and go a long way in making the relocation exercise less messy.

Stay dry.

Be it waterproof headgear, raincoat or skid-proof footwear, make sure you are dressed for the occasion, so to speak. From an uncomfortable sticky feeling all day to outright cold & flu, employing a ‘monsoon wearable’ is your talisman against a range of unsavoury circumstances.

Guard your valuables.

It’s a good idea to use waterproof zipper-bags for your sensitive documents, valuable data and important files.

Use a closed-body vehicle

During the monsoons, using a vehicle that is closed from all sides is an absolutely non-negotiable decision. From getting wet to getting struck by lightning to every little contingency in between, anything can happen when it’s raining cats and dogs.

Ensure insurance.

It is wise to take insurance coverage if you are shifting during the monsoon season. There are higher-than-usual chances of damage or loss if you are relocating during the rainy season. Consult your relocation partner (yes, you should go for a professional packer & mover) on the right coverage premium.

Get professionals to help you move.

Even when the sun is shining, so to speak, getting professional packer & mover makes sense. They have the experience and on-ground resources to tackle the many unpredictable factors of the exercise. During the monsoons, it becomes a must.